About Us

For over a decade Clicks Online has been helping people, businesses and community groups on the NSW Central Coast to get the most out of their technology. This includes computers, phones, TVs, tablets, Internet connections, programmes, website creation and much, much more.

I have been providing computer and technology help and advice since 1999 when I started at Newcastle University and helped out at the Woy Woy Peninsula Neighbourhood Service in the old Fire Station.

From July 2007 I started Clicks Online to provide the Central Coast with the best technology advice possible in doing so I was working professionally through the early stages of Windows Vista but by that stage I had been helping people for 8 years.

Having worked as a radio announcer I can communicate clearly what  my thoughts are so computer jargon has never been part of my work style, infact I will quiet often explain the jargon if the question is raised.

While I always try and do the best job possible I can’t and don’t know everything but I will always research problems and new developments so I can provide you with the best service on the Central Coast.