Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Remote access page

If I am unable to provide you with service in person at your home or office I can now provide service remotely from where ever I am.

At the start of my appointment I will give you a one off code to type into the box below. Your computer will then download a file for you to run.

The file is a one use file and it will not leave anything behind on your computer after I close the connection other than the original file you download.

On a modern Apple computer a few extra tasks need to be completed. The instructions are here for what needs to be done.

For many years I have said that I would not provide remote support as I don’t like the idea of having someone use your computer that is not there physically with you but after the CoVID-19 pandemic and the requirement for people to self isolate I had to research all the different remote control software and found Zoho Assist, the one I use, to be the most useful.

I can provide remote support for Windows and Apple computers without any software installed on the computer and with nothing left behind. I can also provide remote support for both iOS and Android devices through the instalation of the Zoho Assist Customer from either the Play Store or the App Store.

While I myself don’t like Zoom for video conferencing, I much perfer Webex, I will also use a video conferencing programme to see you, and you see me, while I am working.

You can also get to this Connect button quickly by going to