Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

You have spoken in the past about drivers what are they and why are they important?

LaptopDrivers are the small programmes that let your operating system”, Windows, OS X or Linux, know what hardware your computer has, what features the hardware have and how to use those features. Without drivers your computer will not know what components make it up.

One important thing is to always check the computer components manufacturers website to see if they release a new driver for your computer. New driver releases can include activation of new features, increase the computers performance or improve the stability of the computer.

One way to get the latest drivers is through a software update, either Windows Update or Apple’s Software Update, to find the latest drivers. but the best way is to go to the manufacturers website.

At times with Windows a new driver might not be “Digitally signed”, this is because Microsoft like to give their own clearance to drivers for hardware used with Windows. As long as you downloaded the drivers from the manufacturer, it won’t be a problem,” so just continue through the driver installation.