Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

What is firmware and when and how should I update it?
LaptopWarning: only recommends experienced”,” professional people touch or change any of your personal technology items’ settings.

Firmware is the programming that is used by many devices to actually run. Sometimes new features are added or problems that are found need to be fixed. To do this the makers of the device release firmware updates you can download from their website.

While some products are easy to update using a fully automated system”,” quite often the updates need to be handled manually by the user and that can cause some problems.

While most updates are easy to do”,” recommends any firmware updates are under taken only when they are desperately needed and only by people who completely understand the risks.


While the benefits of firmware updates include better security for the device in most cases and added features”,” there are multiple risks.

Sometimes as part of the firmware update”,” the device manufacturers might take away some features you might be using.

If the update doesn’t work properly”, or if you don’t follow all the instructions perfectly,” a firmware update can turn your device into nothing more than a paperweight.

Recent events involving Apple and their iPhone have once again proven the problems of doing a firmware update”,” with many iPhones no longer working the way their owners planned on using them.