Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

For the a while now I have been mentioning how Facebook is now tracking what websites you look at and using that information to show you EXTREMELY targeted ads, not just on Facebook but on other sites that use Facebook for advertising revenue.


At long last Facebook has made part of what they do able to be seen by you and cleaned up, a little bit.


As I said this will be VERY wordy but it will break down everything we know now and what you can do to limit the tracking Facebook does.

  1. What Facebook does and how it does it.

When Facebook first started they wanted people in charge of websites to put Like buttons or Facebook created links to let people grow their audience on Facebook, I fell for it too. Through the creation of these button, and links everytime you went to a website that had one and you were signed into Facebook on the same device, computer, phone or tablet, Facebook would link, your visit to that website to their account you created.

By doing this Facebook knew what websites you visited, what, device you used to look at the website and when you looked at the website. By having this information they could make sure they showed you ads that were targeted to you and your habits. They can then show you targeted ads regarding what websites you have looked at on any device you sign in to Facebook with.

Facebook could also use this information to create ads for your friends on Facebook to see relating to websites you have visited.

Having noticed this situation I have taken the Facebook Like button off my site and it will not be returning.

  • What can you do minimise this privacy invasion.

Starting today Facebook is letting some of this information be seen by you and minimised.

To do this, on the Facebook website,

  1. Click on the small arrow in the top right corner of the website
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Your Facebook Information
  4. Click on Off Facebook Activity
  5. Click on Manage Your Off Facebook Activity
  6. You will be asked for your Facebook password
  7. You will then see some of the websites that have linked to Facebook
  8. At the top of the list click on the Clear History button
  9.  Click on the blue Clear History button
  10. Then click on Managed Future Activity on the right side of the website
  11. Click on Managed Future Activity button
  12. Turn off Future Off Facebook Technology
  13. Click on the Turn off Button

Once that is done, while Facebook will still track you it, won’t be linked back to your Facebook account in the same way but you will still receive personalised ads on the device you are using instead of all your devices.

While you are in the settings section you should also check your privacy settings and make sure they are all set to either “Friends” or “Only Me” to make sure your account is as secure as possible. Plus you should go into the Ads section and turn off everything in there as well.