Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

On todays show I look at the latest technology news, including hacking of Lion Brewies, Flash dieing, Printers not working, Google taking over FitBit and Apple changing thier computers.

I also look in depth at the hacking of Australian Government organisations from an another country.

On Friday the 19th of June 2020 Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australian Government organisations and some businesses were under a steady hacking attack. The attack is known as a Copy and Paste Compromise.

The attckers are using  freely avaliable programmes to attack systems that are either out of date and not being used or under test. Once they have access to the systems they attck other systems and gain access to confidential information.

When the hackers can’t use the the software to gain access to systems they use social engerneering to fool people into giving them access to the systems.

People are lead to believe that China is repsonsible for the hacking due to the frosty relationship that exists between the two countries lately. Meanwhile China has said they are not responsible.

Individuals are not affected by the hacking at this stage.

The government has said there are 8 things that should be done to keep systems safe.

1. Application Control.

2. Patch Applications.

3. Configure Macros in Office

4. User Application Hardening

5. Restrict Administrator Priviledges

6. Patch Operating Systems

7. Maulti Factor Authentication

8. Daily Back Ups.

For an explination of each of these, and what you can do to keep yourself safe check out Clicks Radio, the new podcast, below.

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