Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

My contract with my current internet provider is about to run out. What plan should I get and who should I go with?

LaptopThis is a question that is as indivdual as your needs and those of your family. While I can recommend you stay away from certain providers due to very poor customer service”, or low technical support skills, I can not give you solid recommendations on who to go with.

With the staggering number of different providers and the mountain of plans they have there is one website that gives you an easy to navigate way to find out which plan, from which provider is right for you.

With plans from the big companies, like Telstra and Optus, through to the smaller providers who only have a few customers,” is the website that lets you search for which plan is right for you. lets you search for the plan that is right for you based on your phone number”, how much you are willing to pay a month, the amount of downloads you think you might need, the connection speed you want, the length of the contract plus a lot more search options.

When you find a plan that you think is right for you, the page that details all the plans the provider offers,” you can also find the latest thoughts by users of the forums helping you to make the right choice.