Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

I contacted *insert name* about getting the internet”,” but was told my computer was too old. Is there a minimum system requirement to use the internet?

This is a common misunderstanding that occurs when you contact certain internet service providers (ISP)

There are no minimum requirements your system must have to get access to the internet other than an operating system that works and can use networking”,  and some form of communication device, a modem or ethernet port.

It is quite possible to use the internet if you are running MSDOS 5 with Windows 3.1 if you have the right software installed. However the ISP will not give you technical support if you have any problems due to their tech support staff not being trained to solve any problems with anything other than, in most cases, Windows XP.

All you need to access the internet is a computer, an operating system (Windows, Linux, OS X) that can understand the communication style the internet uses and a way to gain access to the internet, usually through the phone network.

If you do use the internet with an operating system the ISP does not support, if you have a problem they will, in some cases, not help you due to them not knowing how to solve a problem on your computer, however any problems can be fix by a knowledgeable computer technician reasonably quickly.

On older computers many websites will be slow at loading, or cause your computer to slow down due to having a lot of things happening, however you will still be able to use the internet to do most basic things, banking, email, research,” etc.<