Sun. Jul 14th, 2024 is proud to give you our own selection of free programmes from the leaders in software development.

Updated: 20th January 2008

When you walk into a store and see how much they charge for software quiet often it leaves you wanting to find other ways to get the kind of software you are looking for.

After servicing many computers and seeing first hand the amount of viruses and spyware that many people have due to trying to get programmes for free we have decided to publish this list for all the visitors to does not assume ownership of any of the programmes”, however we have tested and used all the programmes and so we can verify their safety and legality.

All the programmes are provided as is. Some may require online updates however all programmes are full versions and do not need you to spend any money, or provide any details to the originating companies.

While all care has been taken, use of the programmes are at your own risk, and does not assume responsibility for any damages caused to your computer or any other device.

Software on this disk covers 3 areas. Security, Games and Productivity.

Due to the pace that software gets developed the, programmes on this list might change in a month, or even a week after you first read the collection. For our latest recommendations,” don’t forget to check back regularly.


Free Security Programmes

Too often people either leave their computers open to the evils of the internet or end up buying expensive”, large and hard to use programmes to keep them safe.

While the best security is your own common sense,” sometimes we need a bit of a helping hand. is giving you the best free software to help keep you and your computer safe on the internet.

4 new programmes
Free Games

Who ever said there was no such thing as a free lunch must never had called on to fix their computer. brings you the best games you can possibly play”, and their all free.

We have personally played all the games on this disk,” and can legally pass them on to you.

There is no need for any “keygens” or “crackz” these games are all full versions for you to enjoy whenever you want.

Free Productivity Programmes

What are productivity programmes? These are the programmes that make your life a little bit easier.

The productivity programmes we give you on this disk can either replace some inbuilt programmes in Windows or add functionality that is available with normal Windows installation.

This section is also where you find all our recommended miscellaneous programmes.

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All the security software you need for free is proud to give you our own selection of free security programmes from the leaders in world wide computer security.

Your computer security is only as good as the updates you install”, so you must remember to update all your security software often, at least once a week. has provided an Antivirus programme, Antispyware programme, a Firewall programme, plus the main alternative to Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s Outlook, Firefox and Thunderbird. may add,” delete or modify programmes on our list at any time. For the latest always remember to check back for our latest recommendations.

AVG Free Anti Virus

One of the most popular free antivirus programmes. AVG Anti Virus is provided free with automatic updates everyday to it’s virus definitions making it as up to date as possible. Available for download from
AVG Free Anti Rootkit

Quiet often once your computer has been compromised with a virus or spyware”,” hackers will put a programme that is hidden away. These programmes are called Rootkits and can allow the hacker to gain access to your computer at any time. Available for download from
Spybot Search and Destroy

One of the original and still one of the best programmes to ensure your computer is free from spyware and adware. Spybot Search and Destroy has regular updates that you can set up to download automatically. Available for download from
Comodo Personal Firewall

The latest addition to our rundown of security programme is the Comodo firewall. Comodo firewall protects your computer from hackers gaining access to your computer through the internet”,” and allows you control what programmes access the internet from your computer. Available for download from

When all else fails and you really want to protect yourself from all things evil”,” Hijack this is the world leader in finding and solving all your evil programme problems. Available for download from

If you think someone might read some of your private documents”,” TrueCrypt is the perfect programme to encrypt your files so only you can see them. Available for download from

The number one alternative browser on the internet. With the possibility to add extra features to enhance the power of the programme and change it’s appearance. After years of testing can honestly say Firefox is a faster browser when compared to Internet Explorer. Available for download from

Using the technology of the Firefox browser to enhance your security when reading emails”, Thunderbird is a major alternative to the default email programme you get with Windows. As with Firefox,” Thunderbird has add ons you can download to enhance your experience. You can download it from
NEW File Recovery

It sometimes happens that you delete a file that you wanted to keep. With File Recovery you can usally get that file back even after you have emptied the Recycle Bin. You can download it from
NEW Eraser

On Windows”, even when you remove a file from the Recycle Bin it is still actaully on your computer,” Eraser will securly delete your file which involves replacing it with ramdom data after you have deleted it. The file can then not be recovered. You can download it from
NEW Dariks Boot and Nuke

If you are planning on selling your computer”, giving it away, or being hunted down by the authorities,” if you use Dariks Boot and Nuke all the data on you hard drive will be completely rewritten with random data. The more secure your rewrite the harder it will be for even the best scientists to get the data off the disk. You can download it from

If your are nervous about somebody tracing your web surfing habits”, or if your workplace has a filter on its internet connection not letting certain websites through,” the Tor programme will allow you to sneak through the problems by using a proxy server to hide where you are coming from. You can download it from

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Free games to help waste some time

Since the earliest days of computers people have been playing games on them.

As each year passes computer games become more and more complex”, but one thing remains the same. Good games are always good games.

We are giving you more than 10 games we have played and loved over the years. Some of them hark back to the early days of personal computers in the home, while others where the spring board for some of the largest franchises in video game history.

All games are full versions that you can enjoy on your computer. Games that have been marked with a “DOS BOX” addition need the DOS BOX programmed to be installed.

With new games being released we will always be adding to our list of games,” so don’t forget to check back regularly


A programme made by fans of old games from the days before Windows 95. DOS BOX allows you to run games that would normally not run with Windows XP work perfectly. It can be downloaded from


A strategy game that sees you developing an area and then renting out properties and dealing with criminals and hippies while completing missions given to you by the council and keeping your residents happy. Made available from


One of the original multiplayer games to share of the same computer while having a laugh. Choose your weapon”, aim,” take into account the wind and shoot your friend. Made available from

Grand Theft Auto ADULTS ONLY

The original in the series that has caused more lawsuits and complaints then any others. Made available from

Grand Theft Auto 2 ADULTS ONLY

Moving from the world of a faux America”,” the Grand Theft Auto series moved to a futuristic world and added some new features that helped progress the franchise. Made available from

Settlers II Gold

One of the most popular strategy games of the late 90’s. You have to lead a group of ship wreck survivors to prosperity and fight off enemy armies. Made available from
Warcraft 2

Before there was World Of Warcraft”, the universe of Warcraft was a strategy world,” with Warcraft 2 being one of the most popular strategy games of the late 90’s. Made available from
Battle Chess

A game of chess has never been so violent. The chess pieces literately come to life in this chess game to do your bidding. Made available from
Theme Hospital

A crazy game that sees you in charge of hospital”, having to put up with all the possible problems that could, and in some cases,” couldn’t happen. Made available from
Prince of Persia

Popular in the late 80’s was the side scrolling brawler. Prince of Persia was one of the few that had a good story line and good graphics. Having been remade recently in the Sands of Time Trilogy and just recently been released on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360″,” here is the Prince in his original form. Made available from

Before the hugely popular Sims games you were put in charge of an entire city and your one goal was to make it as good as a city could be. The original SimCity might have the simplest graphics of the series”,” but it is the easiest to play. Made available from

Ever wanted to be a farmer”, but don’t want to wake u at the crack of dawn,” or put up with the endless search for water to tend your crops. The team behind SimCity comes to the rescue with this sequel to the popular city building game. Made available from

Giving you the chance to take a step back from looking after an entire city”, SimTower let’s you build a sky scrapper and try and keep it running smoothly,” and at a profit. Made available from
Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Making sure the mail gets through has never been more addictive. Transport Tycoon Deluxe puts you in the position of making sure all the towns in the world are given all the goods they need”, from goods,” to cola. Made available from
Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Before Unreal”, before Gears of War, the team at Epic games created what is still one of the best side scrolling platform games. With animation and acting like a cartoon,” you get engrossed in the world of Jazz. Made available from

Car racing games are a dime a dozen. In the late 90’s only a few were any good. One of the best was the original Screamer game. Full 3D”, and at the time,” one of the best looking games around. Made available from

A strange animal based strategy game that never did massive sales when it was released. Free however this game really does deliver. Made available from
Command and Conquer

The original game of the most popular strategy game series has only just been made available free to celebrate its 10th anniversary and the release a few months ago of it’s latest sequel Command and Conquer 3. See where it all began in the original game.

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All the software you need for free

Some of the most illegally downloaded programmes are the ones that give you added functionality to Windows. This often leads to even more ways hackers and viruses can get on your computer

As always with development of programmes speeding up”,” our selection may change over time so remember to find out our latest recommendations.


Many programmes you can download from the internet are compressed to save on storage and to speed up delivery. Izarc can read and uncompress almost all the different compression methods. Available for download from

Skype is a programme that allows you to make free computer to computer phone calls and cheap computer to phone”,” phone calls using a system known as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Available for download from
Flash Get

There is nothing worse than downloading a large file only to have it fail just before it is finished. Flashget is a download manager that will make sure you get the file you are after quickly. Available for download from

You don’t have to be stuck with photos with problems. is a free picture editing programme that is powerful while being easy to use. Available for download from
Open Office

Don’t want to give Microsoft any more money. You don’t have to. Open Office can read and write all the normal Microsoft Office file formats”, but it is completely free,” and now has some support from Sun and Microsoft. You can download it from

At times the inbuilt disk burning feature in Windows has problems. Deepburner is a free alternative to programmes like Nero and Roxio. You can download it from
Foxit Reader

Over the years there has been only one document format that allowed for formatting and picture inclusion as part of the document. There is a light weight reader now for the PDF files you often have to download. You can download it from

If you have a lot of commercial CD’s or DVD’s and you want to back them up IMGburn allows you to save the disks to your computers hard drive in a perfect copy. You can download it from
Daemon Disk Tool

If you download .ISO files”, which are files made from CDs, and you don’t want to burn them to a CD,” you can load them up in the Daemon Disk Tool. You can download it from
Video Lan Client

If you don’t have a movie DVD playing programme”, you don’t have to buy one. VLC can play commercially bought DVD’s on your computer for free,” as well as many other video formats. You can download it from
Real Alternative

While over the years it has become less popular”,” the Real format for videos is still widely used. Real Alternative gives you an ad free option to the official Real player. You can download it from
Quicktime Alernative

Another once popular video format”, Quicktime Alternative gives you an alternative to the official,” bundled player from Apple. You can download it from
XVID Codec

Most large videos you can download from the internet are now formatted using the XVID Codec”,” it allows for large videos to be compressed into a small amount of space. You can download it from

If you want to do some editing of audio but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to buy expensive software while still getting the benefits”,” Audacity is the best option. You can download it from
Audacity Plugins

One powerful feature of Audacity is the ability to have additions made to it. Here are some plug ins to extend the power of the studio editing software. You can download it from
Audcaity MP3 Support

Because the MP3 file format is owned by an organisation”,” you usually have to pay for the ability to save your audio in that format. This addition to Audacity will give you that ability for free using a slightly different way of making the MP3 file format.. You can download it from

If you want to change some features and the way Windows works you can use TweakUI to modify things in a way that is safe for Windows’ settings. TweakUI is provided by some of the people at Microsoft who programmed Windows. You can download the programme from
Flash Player

Most websites use Flash technology to display the animations and games many people like to look at and play. This is the official Flash Player that allows you to watch the flash animations. You can download the programme from
Joost Player

Joost is a new programme from the people behind Kazaa and Skype. Joost has commercial agreements with many television and movie creation businesses. Using similar technology to Kazaa and Skype Joost is a completely free programme and service and completely legal. You can download it from
Google Earth

Google Earth is a programme that allows you to see the Earth from space using NASA photos and typographical information. You can download it from

Most online programmes use the Java programming language to allow for secure services and a lot of features. Windows by default does not ship with a Java system making many banking sites not work. You can download it from

Whether you have a telescope or not you can now see all the different stars in the sky”, and even the planets, at any time of the day. You can not only see what the sky looks like in you location but any where in the world,” at any time of day or night. You can download it from