Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

It has been over a year since the Covid 19 virus changed the way we live and work. Over that time I have put into place new policies and procedures to keep everyone safe.

NSW Regulation Change

With the change in NSW Health regulations from the 31st of July 2021 I am able to once again work under normal circumstances. Social distancing MUST be adheard to and if possible contact free work should be completed. If you want to know more you can click here to see what the government allows in your home or office.

***Further to that***

I am classified as an Authorised Worker under “Information, Media and Telecommunications – Telecommunications Services/Technicians”. With that in mind I am able to work during the lock down. However I am still ONLY allowed to attend someones home for the purposes of ensuring their health, safety and security. This means I can still look after any business and any home where their technology not working properly is going to affect their health, safety or security.

Some examples.

  1. Your computer is not able to get on to the internet due to problems with the computer – you can not access online shopping and so your health is risked by having to go to the shops to buy groceries instead of using online shopping.
  2. Your home phone is not working due to a faulty modem and you require a new modem to be installed – you can not call 000 causing you a safetly risk as you can not call the police nor someone to help.
  3. You have a virus on your computer – your security is at risk due to the chance of your personal data being stolen.

These are 3 examples of the kind of work I can do at your home. If you have issues like anxiety and require things fixed to help you to cope that is a known health issue and so also qualifies.

Be aware that I will have to ask more questions when I speak to you on the phone, email or text message to work out if I can attend your house.

At the start of the pandemic I put into place procedures that include:

  • Having hand sanitiser in my car at all times. I also use the hand sanitiser before I leave my car and as soon as I get back in to make sure my hands are as clean as possible.
  • I also completed the federally recognised Covid-19 Infection Control Training which ensures I understand how the virus spreads and I know what to do to keep myself and others safe.
  • I have put into place a state recognised Covid Safe plan and can make that available upon request.
  • I have organised and use a Services NSW QR code and can produce it for people to scan upon request.
  • In my car I have a supply of both disposable and reusable face masks that can be worn on request.
  • I have received both Pfizer vaccines and so I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19. While that doesn’t mean I can’t get the virus or spread it, it does mean I have a better chance of not getting and a lower chance of spreading the virus.
  • I have organised to support people through remote support utilising the Zoho remote assist program. Upon request of remote support and agreement of that being a viable option I can email a link to start remote support or direct, over the phone, people to where the remote session can be started.

Be aware that while remote support is a possible option there are huge limitations to me working in that fashion and it might not be an option for you. Be aware that a remote support session is quiet often longer than an onsite visit due to limitations of any remote support system and a lack of seeing what is happening in the environment the computer is in.

With these basic procedures in place you can be assured that I am doing all I can to keep myself and you as safe as possible during these strange times.

If needed during lockdowns I can still work as if your technology isn’t working properly you can’t work remotely yourself and you can’t do what you want from home.